Christmas feast

Would you like to enjoy a different Christmas feast? How about waiting the traditional Christmas dinner until the family dinner on Christmas Eve, and try a completely new Christmas feast in Soya this year? How exotic it can be is up to you. We can compose a very special menu, tailored to your tastes and preferences. Please contact us at 47869632 for reservation.
Eller januarbord?

Great food, good atmosphere and nice colleagues are always wonderful no matter in what time of the year.

At Soya, we believe that the concept of Christmas feast also works outside the Christmas season, and even without the Christmas food. Why not having a festive party in the month after? Call it New Year feast, or maybe January feast.

During the Christmas season, it is difficult for the large companies to reserve seats, but in January you could get following in Soya

  • Excellent and varied food – everyone gets something they want.
  • Many healthy alternatives – a January feast does not have to crash with the New Year’s resolutions.
  • Enough space for the laaaarge companies – intimate atmosphere for the smaller ones.
  • central location – good prices

January is more than just the month after that. Book a January feast now, so you have something to look forward to even after December is over.



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Norwegians who likes traveling set higher requirements for the food served by restaurants. We do not wish to be the restaurants selling Norwegianised street food in disguise. Thus, you can set higher requirements on us than typical Asian restaurants you know in Norway.
Our kitchen stands for good quality.